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The Struggles of Writing a Uni Essay

As I write this, I have 5 essays due…in 3 weeks’ time. I haven’t started a single one yet, but for at least the past few days I’ve been in crisis about what to write about, and where to begin. So, instead of starting my essays, I obviously thought that the logical thing to do would be to share with you the many stages of writing a Uni essay, and the struggles you’re likely to experience throughout. Here we go.

Not realising that you have so many essays due so soon.


Trying to start your essay, but realising you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about, or even where to begin.


Starting your essay, but getting distracted within 5 minutes by some hilarious gifs.


Trying to write again, but getting hungry. Or tired. giphy4

Taking a ‘ten minute nap’, which ends up lasting an hour.


Looking back on the work you’ve done so far, and realised how little you’ve achieved in so much time.


Trying to get a book out from the library, only to find that someone has JUST TAKEN THE LAST COPY!!!


Working all through the night to write your essay, and feeling like a zombie.


Trying to reference, and realising you haven’t bookmarked half of the pages you need.


Then, of course, the printer running out of ink minutes before your deadline is due. WHY?!


Being ecstatic that you’re one essay down, but realising you still have 4 to go.


Time to do it all again, I guess.

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12 thoughts on “The Struggles of Writing a Uni Essay

  1. Lauren, I love your honesty and the fun way you describe the experience all students go through at one time and another! Please can I link to your blog post from my blog – I think my readers would find it interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, I’m currently going through this experience right now – I just can’t get this essay done!! Yes that would be amazing, no problem at all! Thanks a lot. x


      1. Its a challenge! Because it means I really need to be on the ball and organised, and by nature I’m a total procrastinator who would rather watch Netflix. 😐 if only my degree was in Stranger Things and Breaking Bad it would be fine..


  2. Literally my life right now! Have a portfolio, 4 essays and a dissertation to do and everything else seems to be getting in the way 😬

    Good luck with your assignments!

    Hayley x


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