Applying to University

Top 5 Reasons to Go to University

Once you’ve left college, or finished your A-levels, there is often an expectation to go to University. A lot of us seem to assume that it’s the right thing to do, but we don’t often think about why. So, here are 5 reasons why you should considering studying at University.

It’s likely to improve your career prospects, meaning that you could be earning a lot more than those who choose not to go to University. If you want to know about a specific course, click here to see how much more you could earn as a professional graduate compared to a non-graduate. It’s pretty persuasive!


It can be a great experience. While it is true that University isn’t for everyone, there are certainly a lot of great experiences that you can have there. Meeting new friends, learning new things, and becoming more independent – what more could you ask for?


It gives you a little more time to decide what career you’d like to go into. If you’re still struggling to decide what to do, and you’re not ready to go straight into a full-time job, this could be a great way to experiment and see what’s best for you. If you study a non-specific degree, such as English or Mathematics, as opposed to Journalism or Accounting, this opens up more opportunities so you can make a more informed decision at a later date.


It’s great for networking. You’ll meet a lot of new people at University, and some of them will already be involved in some great companies that you’d quite like to get involved in too. So, use this as an opportunity to connect with other people and you’ll soon see the benefits!giphy14

You’ll gain a tonne of transferable skills that will be useful for the rest of your life. While at Uni, you’re likely to become more confident, as well as learning to be super organised and eventually you may even stop procrastinating too. You’ll have the opportunity to join societies and clubs, doing things you’ve never tried before.


If that doesn’t persuade you, perhaps Uni just isn’t for you. Don’t worry; soon you’ll be able to find out the top 5 reasons not to go to University -remember, there’s a lot of other opportunities out there too!

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