Making Sundays a Success

Sunday is probably the least productive day of the week; everyone’s at home, you can actually have a lie in for once, and it just feels nice and relaxing. That’s until you remember that you’ve still got 4 essays to write and an essay to revise for. Great.

So, instead of spending your Sunday worrying about how much work you should be doing, but not actually doing it, here are some tips to make Sundays a success from now on.

Be organised – Create a to-do list and prioritise the most important things. This way, you have a clear goal in mind and you know what you need to do to achieve it. You could even plan for the upcoming week, and this way you’ll feel extra productive!

Make things a little more interesting – There are a tonne of different ways to learn, and sitting down with a book isn’t always the most enjoyable, or in fact the best. Try watching educational YouTube videos, but don’t get too distracted! Or, make flashcards and set yourself a quiz. This way your Sunday won’t seem quite as boring.

Switch off your phone for half an hour – Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting switching your phone off for the whole day, just half an hour or so at a time! Since most of us struggle with laziness on a Sunday, our social media feeds are often quite active. So, stop distracting yourself by switching your phone off for a little bit, get some work done, and then you can get straight back to tweeting.

Take breaks – This is important every day, not just Sundays. Take regular breaks to refresh both your mind and body. Try 60 minutes of revision, then a 15 minute break – you’ll soon learn what’s best for you. Just remember, cramming a lot of work into a short space of time doesn’t usually work, especially if you’re not giving yourself time to relax in between.

Take a little time for yourself – Sunday is a great day to catch up on the work you’ve been avoiding the rest of the week, but it’s also a chance to take a step back and do something that’ll really help your wellbeing. Read a (non-academic!) book, binge watch some of your favourite TV shows, or have lunch with a friend. Just take an hour or two out of your day to do something you really enjoy, and soon you’ll be feeling more motivated to get back into the swing of things.

Don’t be so hard on yourself; Sundays aren’t always our best days, but at least we’re trying!


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