Students: Seek Mental Health Help

Nobody ever talks about the impact University can have on mental health, and yet it’s a huge problem facing students all over the world.

You’re told that going to University will be the best experience of your life; you’ll meet your best friend, your soulmate, and it’ll all be fun and parties. Well, that’s not always the case, and we can often be left feeling isolated and stressed. But, who do we turn to in our time of need?

Well, it seems like everyone else is having a great time, so you don’t want to bother them. If you tell your parents, they might not understand. What other options are there?

There should be a professional within your University trained to engage with students about their wellbeing. This is their job – you aren’t bothering them, and you definitely aren’t stupid, so speak up. They may be able to put practical changes in place for you, such as moving accommodation, or providing you with a personal tutor. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

As well as this, there are a number of websites that are created exactly with you in mind. If you’re 18 or under, you could always speak to ChildLine – they can provide you with 1 to 1 advice, or an opportunity to speak to others who are feeling the same. Alternatively, if you have more specific needs Student Minds may be able to help. Or, if you just want someone to talk to then NightLine might be the one; with students on the other end of the line who understand what you’re going through, that’s often all you need. Find out here if your University participates.

Most importantly, remember that you aren’t alone. While it may seem that everyone else is having a great time, you can never know for sure. Try speaking to a close friend about how you’re feeling, and you’ll soon realise that what you’re going through is completely normal; moving to University is hard, and there will undoubtedly be some bumps along the way. Likewise, don’t dismiss the help of your parents straight away; they know you well, and they’re probably eager to help…even if that means washing your clothes once a  week!

If you want any personal advice from me, feel free to leave a comment down below and we can have a chat! I know exactly how it feels.


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