A Day In The Life of A Student Blogger

As a student who blogs daily, it can be incredibly difficult to fit everything in. From travelling to Uni, writing essays, and trying to keep on top of Social Media, each day is pretty busy!

In the next week or so I’ll be posting some tips on how to keep on top of your studies while having a blog, but before then I thought you might find it interesting to see what I get up to on an average day.

6am – Wake up crying to the sound of my alarm. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do have to wake up super early!

6:15am – After refreshing my social media time and time again, I finally decide it’s time to get up and shower.

7:15am – An hour later, I’ve scoffed down my breakfast, shoved on some clothes, and I’m out the door, ready to drive to Uni.

8:30am – Unfortunately, this means sitting in rush hour traffic for over an hour, and then getting a bus into the Town Centre for my lecture – lucky me!

11am – As I’m studying English Literature and Philosophy, I don’t actually have many contact hours, so I tend to only spend a couple of hours or so in classes each day. But, this means a lot of work outside of this time! So, about now I’ll find somewhere to study/write for the rest of the day.

12pm/1pm – Depending on how hungry I am (usually very) I’ll grab some lunch about midday. Sometimes I’ll opt for a Starbucks, but not too often; my student loan can’t cope with too many overpriced drinks. Or, my favourite – a Greggs…I’m northern, of course I love Greggs. However, lately I’ve been loving a little sandwich shop in Durham town centre called The Picnic Basket. The staff are lovely, and it’s just a great place to study while I have a bite to eat.

6pm – After working for a few hours, I’ll usually wait until rush hour has passed before I head home.

8pm – Then I’ll relax for a little bit – have something to eat, watch some YouTube, and so on, before getting back to Uni work!

10pm – If I’m not too tired, I’ll spend the last hour or so of the evening working on my blog.

11pm – Finally, it’s time to sleep!

What does an ordinary day look like for you? How do you manage to fit everything in?

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8 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of A Student Blogger

  1. I enjoyed reading this! ❤ Ooh, you’re studying English Literature and Philosophy – what is that like? Sounds like something I’d enjoy studying 🙂 I also spend most of my evenings working on blog posts; I like to get them ready way before I post them, lol! I’ll have to check out the rest of your blog xx


    1. Thanks so much! It’s quite interesting, but also very stressful because most of my time I’m working independently which requires a lot of motivation!😩 But it’s good! Hahah I’m the same, with posting every day I always have to schedule in advance to make sure I don’t miss a day! Let me know what you think! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! Man, I can imagine. Hopefully, all the work pays off! I’m sure it will 🙂 Yeah I don’t like to get behind in my posting; if I have something going up that day but I’m not quite happy with it, it gives me anxiety lol. I love your blog! The variety of topics is amazing, and I’m enjoying going back and reading your posts 😊❤


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