Weekly Round-Up (No. 9)

Like last week, this week has been very busy in terms of revision. My first exam is in just two days time, and I am absolutely petrified. But, regardless of the outcome, I have definitely put my all into it so we can only hope!

On Monday, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday (you can find my open letter to him here) and went out for an Italian meal. For the past week, I have been doing really well in terms of eating healthy so I was a bit worried about this, but I allowed myself to have a few treats, and I didn’t feel too guilty about it! We’re all allowed to treat ourselves sometimes!

But, the highlight of my week was definitely the weekend. I usually work all day Saturdays, but I had the day off to revise, and after making the most of it I then took a lovely trip with James to a caravan park in Northallerton. I know, that sounds incredibly boring, but it was actually really enjoyable! It’s nice to just get away sometimes, and I took the time to really relax before a week full of exam stress! We also had a couple of games of poker and of course we watched Eurovision! I absolutely love it, even though it is super cringe. As well as this, we also had a couple of lovely walks, which I’m starting to love doing more and more.
This time next week, I’ll already be 5 exams down and I’ll only have one left. I cannot wait! Wish me luck!

P.S. I’ve also started up a YouTube channel, and you can find all about my first video here. How exciting is that?!

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