Weekly Round-Up (No. 10)

In just 2 days time, my first year of Uni will be over. I’m currently 5 exams down, with only one more to go. The past couple of months have been incredibly stressful, but I’m pleased to say that my exams haven’t actually been that bad. Of course, I’m still a bit nervous about my final one, but I’m also very relieved!

So, just like the past few weeks, I haven’t been up to much this week except for revision. But, my boyfriend and I did decide to go on a spontaneous trip to Leeds on Saturday after my exam, which was lots of fun! It’s nice to have some time away together, and I may or may not have popped into Victoria’s Secret and spent a lot of money…I deserve it, right?

We also had lots of delicious food (as usual) and I’ve found a couple of new restaurants that I’ll definitely be visiting again in the future! How yummy does this look?!

I’ve also uploaded a brand new YouTube video, which you can find here. It’s all about staying positive and managing anxiety during exams, which is super important at this time of the year! If you’re still mid-exams, good luck – there’s not long to go now!

How has your week been?

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