About Me

Hello everyone!

I’m Lauren, 20 years old, and studying English Literature and Philosophy at Durham University. I absolutely love to write; I currently work for B**P (nebeep.com) and have been involved with a number of other publications in the past.

So, what’s the point of setting up this blog? Well, being a student can be really difficult sometimes. Student life is often portrayed as an amazing experience, in which you’ll meet friends for life and your soulmate, but there’s often no mention of the ridiculous amounts of work that’ll be involved too, and the struggles of living on an incredibly low budget.

Of course, for many students University can be a great, wonderful experience, and that’s amazing! However, for some of us it’s not all that it’s made out to be.

On this blog, I’d like to share my experiences with you all in the hope that some of you are experiencing similar things and can benefit from knowing you’re not the only one. I’m hoping to provide not just advice, but a place to go when you’re feeling down.

That means I won’t be spending all of my time ranting about the struggles of being a student, but rather ways to make your life better, and everything else that comes with being a student; money struggles, independence, and even sex.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy reading about then keep your eyes peeled – I’ll be uploading as much as I can, and I would love to hear from any readers about your experiences as a student (or, as many of my posts won’t merely be aimed at students, as a human!)

Hope you enjoy!